Rhythmic Stars Competitive Team

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Rhythmic Stars Team is an elite rhythmic gymnastics program for athletes levels 3-10. Rhythmic Stars Team routinely competes on regional, national and international levels, and has produced many state and national champions. This is an intense, invitation-only program and requires certain time commitment, with summer camp being highly recommended, in addition to regular season practices. Rhythmic Stars international coaching team brings years of competitive and coaching experience to create a demanding, but supportive environment for the gymnasts that helps them consistently achieve outstanding results every year.


  • How can my child join the team?

    Usually, our youngest gymnasts start in our recreational classes, then transition to pre-team and progress to level 3.
    Competitive gymnasts from other teams and schools are welcome to try out for our teams as well.
  • What is the typical time commitment required for being on the team?

    Pre-team requires 4 hours per week, with time commitment usually increasing with the level. At the minimum, competitive gymnasts practice for 6 hours per week at level 3, and up to 20 hours per week or more at higher levels.
  • What competitions do teams usually go to?

    Every year, our teams go to multiple invitational competitions, as well as state, regional and national competitions. Some of our gymnasts compete internationally.
  • Can my child take time off from practices during the season?

    Competitive gymnasts normally don't take more than 2 weeks of cumulative time off from practices over the year.
  • What happens if my child missed a practice? Is there a make-up?

    There are no refunds for team practices, however, make-ups can be scheduled. All make-ups for practices missed during the regular season should be scheduled before summer starts.
  • Is Summer Camp required for team members?

    Summer Camp is mandatory for team gymnasts. During the camp, girls practice new routines and skills to prepare for the next season.
  • When is the monthly tuition due?

    Monthly tuition is due before the beginning of the month on the 27th of the prior month. For example, February tuition is due by January 27th. All students who do not pay on time, will receive a late fee of $25. Monthly tuition is non-refundable.
  • What should my child wear to practices?

    Girls should wear black leotards and black shorts. Girls with short hair can have a ponytail. Girls with longer hair should have a bun.
  • How old does my child need to be to join the team?

    Our pre-team and level 3 members are as young as 5 years old. Gymnasts can compete starting 6 years old.
  • Do you offer a summer program?

    Yes, we offer a summer program and summer camp for our pre team and competitive gymnasts. Check the schedule and contact us to register for your classes!


Varduhi Nahapetyan

Owner, Head Coach

Ksenya Cheldishkina


Anastasiia Valentirova


Elen Adamyan


Owner and Head Coach of Rhythmic Stars Gymnastics Academy, Varduhi Nahapetyan is a former competitive gymnast and highly regarded coach, who produced numerous State, Regional and National finalists and champions