Rhythmic Stars Gymnastics Academy

One of the country's largest and most successful academies providing instruction in beautiful sport of rhythmic gymnastics in Boston area to athletes of any age and level, from recreational and preschool gymnasts to state and national champions

Winter Cup 2020!


Congratulations Rhythmic Stars Level 3 Team!
Avery level 3 - 1st All around, Special prize "Miss Elegance"
Deanna level 3 - 1st hoop
Anna level 3 - 1st hoop, 1st ball, 3rd floor, 2nd All around, Special prize "Miss Technique"
Jingqi level 3 - 1st All around
Alisa level 3 - 2nd floor, 3rd ball, 3rd All around
Lauren level 3 - Special prize "Miss Musicality"
Sophia level 3 - 1st ball, Special prize "Miss Expressive"
Jenna level 3 - 1st floor, 2nd hoop, 3rd All around, Special prize "Miss Musicality"
Ruby Stars Beginner group - 1st all around
Rhythmic StarsBeginner group - 1st ball, 2nd All around


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  • Flexibility and Strength classes
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Toddler & Parent

Toddler & Parent

Flexibility and Strength classes

Flexibility and Strength classes



Ballet Combo

Ballet Combo

Rythmic Stars Competitive Team

The Rhythmic Stars Team is composed of gymnasts Level 3 through 10, and competes locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The team has produced many state and national champions, and is regarded as one of the most competitive rhythmic gymnastics teams in the US.

Our Stars

Christina Eldamaa

Level 3

  • Rhythmic Stars Invitational: 1st Place,
  • MA States Championships: 1st Place,
  • Regional IV Championships: 1st Place.

Level 5

  • Rhythmic Stars Invitational: 2nd Place,
  • Harlem Invitational: 2nd Place,
  • MA States Championships: 2nd Place,
  • Regional IV Championships: 3rd Place,
  • Stars and Stripes Championships (Nationals): 2nd Place.

Level 6

  • Las Vegas Invitational - 1st Place,
  • Winter Wonderland Invitational - 3rd Place Floor and Clubs,
  • Rhythmic Stars Invitational - 3rd Place Floor and Hoop,
  • Coaches Cup - 1st Place,
  • MA State Championships - 2nd Place Hoop and 3rd Place Rope,
  • Region IV Championships - 3rd Place,
  • Open Championships (Nationals) - 3rd Place Rope and Clubs.

Level 7

  • Rhythmic Stars Invitational: 2nd Place Ribbon,
  • MA States Championships: 2nd Place,
  • Regional IV Championships: 2nd Place Ribbon,
  • Level 7 Regional Team Member,
  • Junior Olympics Regional Team Placement: 3rd Place.
Meet our stars

Our Coaches

Varduhi Nahapetyan

Owner and Head Coach of Rhythmic Stars Gymnastics Academy, Varduhi Nahapetyan is a former competitive gymnast and highly regarded coach, who produced numerous State, Regional and National finalists and champions
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