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Ashley Devlin


Level 3

  • Rhythmic Stars Invitational: 3rd Place Rope

Level 4

  • MA State Championship: 3rd Place Ball

Level 5

  • Region IV Championship : 2nd Place Ball

Beginner Group

  • Rhythmic Stars Invitational: 1st Place AA, 1st place Floor, 1st Place Hoop
  • MA State: 1st Place AA, 1st Place Hoop, 1st Place floor
  • Region IV Championship: 1st Place, 1st Place Hoop, 1st Place floor
  • Rhythmic National Competition: 3rd Place AA

Level 6

  • Harlem Invitational : 1st Place, 1st place Ball, 1st Place ribbon, 1st place floor, 1st place hoop
  • Coaches Cup & NY State (Out of State): 1stplace, 1st place Hoop, floor, ribbon
  • MA State Championship: 1st Place AA, 1st place floor, 1st place ribbon, 1st place hoop, 3rd place ball
  • Region IV Championship: 2nd Place AA, 2nd place floor, 1st place hoop, 1st place ribbon
  • Stars & Stripes National Championship: 3rd Place AA, 1st Floor

Level 7

  • Winter Wonderland : 3rd Place AA, 1st place floor

Level 8

  • Rhythmic Stars Invitational: 2nd place rope, 4th AA
  • Coaches Cup, NY State: 1st place Rope
  • MA State Championship: 3rd place Rope
  • Region IV Championship: 3rd place ball