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Adriana Lopez



I first discovered Zumba in 2004 when I saw a commercial on Univision for the original DVD’s in Spanish. I was immediately entranced and felt connected to my Latin roots. I ordered the DVD’s and after dancing along with Beto in my living room I jumped on the computer to find a class. Zumba was still in its early stages and had not yet been introduced to the Boston area so there were no classes available. However, I found myself staring at the postcard that was included with the DVD’s looking for instructors. I had contemplated doing the instructor training but decided against it because although I had a passion for dancing, I was physically out of shape, and overweight. Although I was always ready to face and conquer new challenges, becoming a Zumba instructor seemed out of reach. This was the first time in my life that I felt inhibited by a challenge. I was defeated by my own physical setbacks. It was at that point when I realized the importance of a healthy lifestyle and that I needed to change. I adjusted my eating habits and attended a variety of different group fitness classes religiously. After 2 years of hard work, I dropped 6 dress sizes, 65 pounds, and became physically fit. I maintained my healthy weight and body mass for several years and I finally made the decision to become a Zumba instructor. Since then I have been teaching classes and I enjoy every minute of it! Zumba was the initial spark that changed my life for the better and it is now the vehicle that enables me to motivate, inspire and challenge others to reach their fitness goals and achieve long-term benefits while creating a strong sense of community